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13 September 2019

Press Release Smartdiagnos/World Sepsis Day, September 13, 2019

Press Release Smartdiagnos/World Sepsis Day, September 13, 2019

Today it is the World Sepsis Day and this yearly event aims to increase the awareness of sepsis, blood poisoning, to save lives. In Smartdiagnos, an innovation project funded by EU-Horizon 2020, we are also contributing in the fight of sepsis. During the last 3,5 years, ten academic and industrial partners have been working in this project developing two new diagnostic instruments that could be used to detect sepsis early, and by that, save lives. Unilabs Sweden is one of the partners in this project. During this autumn and until the project ends in January 2020, we are evaluating the prestanda of the new instruments on collected patient samples in three clinical laboratories in Europe. The new tests are used directly on blood to detect microorganisms and resistance markers. A fast and early result from a diagnostic test will reduce the time to diagnosis of sepsis, and every minute counts!

If you want to read more about the Smartdiagnos project, or World Sepsis Day, see links below:

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