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17 June 2020

Medical Director Thomas Lindahl about the challenges during the covid-19 crisis

Medical Director Thomas Lindahl

Thomas Lindahl, Medical Director at Unilabs Sweden, reflects about the challenges he has faced in his work, and how he has met those challenges in these covid-19 crisis.

"My main challenge during the covid-19 pandemic has been to navigate in often unchartered waters. There has been, and still are, many unknowns regarding the virus transmission, the risk for severe symptoms and immunity. With these uncertainties comes conflicting opinions on how to best battle the virus. Still we as a company, must decide on what actions we need to take, in order to care for our patients while also providing a safe working environment.

Luckily for me, we have a very strong medical team with experts from many diagnostic fields including virology. The advice from our own expert team, has been the foundation for all our covid-19 prevention strategies for Unilabs Sweden. I´ve been able to be confident that our decisions have been based on the best available knowledge."

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